Graduate Student Probability Conference 2012

Georgia Tech School of Mathematics hosted the 6th Annual Graduate Student Probability Conference (GSPC) from April 27 - 29,  2012. The conference was open to all graduate students and post-doctoral fellows interested in probability. The two keynote speakers this year were:

Professor Jean Bertoin, Universität Zürich

Professor Craig Tracy, University of California

Notes on Speaker's Presentation Topics

Jean Bertoin: Coagulation with limited aggregations

Craig Tracy

  • Summary of our results. This paper is based on three lectures given by Widom at Paris.
  • This paper gives the Takeuchi-Sano experiment.
  • This short paper by Herbert Spohn is what was mentioned at the beginning of Lecture #2.

Conference objectives are:

  • Provide graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with the opportunity to speak on an area of interest within probability
  • Foster discussions with a friendly and informal atmosphere
  • Establish connections for potential future collaborations
  • Introduction to recent developments in probability from keynote speakers

Limited financial support was available. Speakers received priority funding. Any remaining funds were distributed among other participants. The conference was held in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building.
The student organizers are:

  • Ruoting Gong
  • Allen Hoffmeyer
  • Huy Huynh
  • Jinyong Ma
  • Ruodu Wang
  • Linwei Xin

Poster download

Contact GSPC organizers with any questions/concerns.

The supervising faculty is: Prof. Christian Houdré
The conference coordinator is: Annette Rohrs: 404-894-9227

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Sponsored in part by the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute, the National Science Foundation, the Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, and the School of Mathematics.

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